Our state-of-the-art platform provides agile, stable and tech-savvy connections to the vendors and distribution partners. We offer multiple ways of cooperation, allowing you to get access to:

· Fully automatic booking engine, from search to ticketing, and seamless online sales, with 24/7 Operation Support.

· Well-adapted connectivity with almost all major OTA platforms in China, making Multi-Channel Distribution possible with just one integration.

· High system capacity of up to 300+ Queries Per Second (QPS), with flexible adjustment according to various requirements.

· Adaptive cache system, maximizing the utilization of each airfare and effectively lowering the cost per query.

· Compatible with both API and major GDS system integration.

· Accessible interface which connects competitive resources from different vendors worldwide.

· Sophisticated air route and Revenue Management System.

· Large-scale Cloud Platform with a highly adaptive and scalable system.

· Load Balancing Technology which will distribute incoming network traffic, protecting efficient cooperation between partners.

Additionally, we will be launching our consumer focused B2C website and mobile APP, with the aim of serving more consumers globally.